Latest WhatsApp release – Subway Art

Posted on February 13, 2012


subway art, app,download, free, whatsapp, street art, graffitiThe newest release of the APPnGO Team is here: Subway Art, an app dedicated to the history of graffiti and street art.

Books are old fashion but reading is not. This app shows how to integrate information into a dynamic app, bringing the readers experience to the next level. It’s much more than the narration of facts, it takes you on a journey back to the 80s. You can browse through the gallery of the best graffiti art and listen to the beats of the time with the integrated Subway Tunes, mixed together especially for the app. Another candy-feature is the art store, with prints of well-known contemporary street artists. This is easy shopping; all you need is a PayPal account (and some money)!

“The history of subway graffiti in New York is a brief one, and the phenomenon differs from all other kinds of graffiti, both past and present. In the 1960s, teenagers in New York began to write their names on neighborhood walls, but instead of their given names, they chose nicknames, creating a public identity for the street. Name graffiti initially had a territorial function. Gang members marked out their turf and local kids wrote for their friends or for their enemies.”


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Integrated Art Store

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Download it to your phone and tell us what you think! Comments appreciated!


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Click on the icon to download

At the moment available for Android. Coming soon on Apple Store!