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Instagram for Android hits 10m downloads in 22 days

April 26, 2012


Downloads of Instagram’s Android application continue to grow at an impressive rate, today hitting 10 million downloads on the Google Play Marketplace, just 22 days after it launched on the platform. Instagram is enjoying a relatively quiet period after the buzz of its Android launch, then the unexpected and huge announcement that it had been bought by Facebook […]

Google Glasses

April 9, 2012


Google is apparently on a mission to make wearing glasses cool again. Project Glass, an enterprise at Google’s highly secretive Google X lab, released photos and posted a video to YouTube on Wednesday to preview the search company’s long-rumored foray into building a better pair of specs. The video, ominously titled “One Day …“ depicts what a […]

Innovative marketing ideas using QR CODES

March 13, 2012


Noting the Things You Enjoy In a restaurant and enjoying your wine? Rather than scribbling the name of the winery on a napkin, restaurant-goers can now scan QR code wine labels to find out more about the vineyard, the grape, and ordering details. This is a clever marketing strategy that can be used with all […]

10 Mobile App trends in 2012

March 9, 2012


Gartner, Inc. has identified what it believes will be the most important mobile applications in 2012. Focusing on high-end devices with an average selling price of more than $300, analysts have identified the top 10 cutting-edge technologies and trends for 2012. “Mobile applications will be a highly competitive marketplace that attracts the interest of many […]

February 15, 2012


Originally posted on Howe Now:
Dear Evernote, please make this available for Android users soon!!! This so makes sense: arranging your new acquaintances by image, date when you met them and the context (e.g. who else was with you, where you were, etc.) iPhone users can download the app now at

Apps for Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2012


Today is Valentine’s Day! In case you haven’t had time to plan anything yet, now is the moment. It’s a very special occasion and of course there is an app for that. Well, there are tons of apps for it, you just have to choose the right for you. Here is a list of Valentine’s […]

WhatsApp – App reaches 10.000 downloads in less than two weeks

February 13, 2012


Yesterday, 12.02.2012, our app reached 10.000 downl0ads on Android Market. In less than two weeks, what started out as an informative extra for our company transformed into a dynamic app, where you can download free apps, ours and top rated ones from Android Market.  You find our latest promotions and offers, news and updates.